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Our Soft Shell Light Fixtures are all custom made to suit your individual requirements. Base components for our lights are natural felt and glass or acrylic. The felt material for the lampshade is not only chosen for its esthetic purpose but also for it's environmental impact. Felt in its traditional form is a 100% natural material and the felt we use is produced from sheep wool. Not only is our product of relative zero original manufacturing impact, the felt that we use is already a waste product from other industries which gives our products an additional sustainability rating. Natural felt has excellent fire retardant properties and is self extinguishing which makes it an optimal lampshade material. The shade is assembled in a patent pending process from non-composite materials without the use of any glue, making it fully recyclable. Our glass is of high medical quality and can be fully recycled should the end of time for the product arrive. However, we believe products should be passed down to generations to come and assume in the future all our waste will be fully recycled and composted. The lamp shade of our Soft Shell Lights can be used as organic fertilizer should you ever decide to part with our product.

Lumolar's LED Soft Shell Light series "little dipper"/"baby fish tide" were unveiled in 2008 as part of the International Furniture Fair - Passagen in Cologne, Germany.


30 "David Hockney" Wave

BAR AZURE IIDEX 2008, TORONTO, CANADA - 30 Fishes suspended above Champagne Bar

Bar Azure catered by Terroni


Horizontal display of suspended Lights with new aluminum Transformer and 'cloth' covered wiring. These lights can have a base white colour LED light source 3300 or 5500K. Utilization of any predetermined single colour LED of your colour choice is possible or the lights can be equipped with an RGB star formation that facilitates unlimited adjustment of the light colour on the Munsell chart and allows electronically pre-programmed choreographies or daylight simulations.We will assist you in the illumination intensity requirements and colour adjustment capacity required for your individual space. By using Light Emitting Diode technology as a light source we achieve a significantly lower energy consumption compared to conventional lighting by up to 80%. The average life span is 80.000 hours at continuous usage.


Die neue "Weichlicht" Serie wird nach individuellen Vorgaben aus Glas oder Akrylglas und Naturfilz hergestellt und ist in verschiedener Leuchtkörperzahl als Sonderanfertigung erhältlich. Der Naturfilz ist als Lochfilz ein "Abfallprodukt". Die ausgstanzten Zylinder werden in der Chemie und Automobilindustrie gebraucht. Zur Herstellung des Filzes werden nur Wasser und 100% Schafwolle verwended. Das Endprodukt besitzt eigene feuerhemmende und selbstlöschende Eigenschaften. Der Naturlochfilz wird in einem auf Patent angemeldeten Prozess ohne Kleben zu einem Lampenschirm in hoher Anlehnung an die Mikrobiologie zusammengestetzt. Unsere Produktphilosophie berücksichtigt in allen Bereichen selbstverständlich die Gesamtlebensdauer eines jeden Produktes. Allgemein glauben wir an zeitlose Gestaltung von Gegenständen mit denen wir uns umgeben, sollte jedoch die Zeit gekommen sein sich von unseren Produkten zu trennen, so können diese in ihre Bestandteile als Rohstoffe aufgeteilt wieder verwertet werden und der aus Naturfilz bestehende Teil sogar als organischer Naturdünger kompostiert werden.

Die Leuchten dieser Serie werden in verschiedenen LED Ausführungen geliefert. Die Basisversion ist in 3300 K oder 5500 K weissem Licht erhältlich. Assserdem sind die Leuchten in rot, grün, blau oder gelb als Konstantlichtquelle oder als im Munsell Farbsystem elektonisch vorprogrammierbar und mit Fernbedienung für komplette Choreographien ausgelegt lieferbar. Wir assistieren und beraten Sie für jede Lichtkonzeption um Ihnen ein individuelles Lichtsystem spezifisch für Ihre räumlichen Gegebenheiten zu liefern. Durch die Verwendung von LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) kann der Stromverbrauch im Vergleich zu konvenzionellen Systemen um bis zu 80% reduziert werden. Die durchschnitliche Lebensdauer der LEDs beträgt 80.000 Stunden.



Hard Shell Light Series:


Our Hard Shell Light Fixtures are custom made to suit your individual requirements. This is our industrial line of lights. Base components for these light fixtures are made from aluminium. Aluminum is used to allow maximum heat conductivity and illumination reflectivity. The technology in our Hard Shell Light Fixtures is based on larger LED components as opposed to the new small RGB LEDs used in the Soft Shell fixtures. These lights come with an array of differnt colour LEDs to simulate daylight colour changes and have a capacity to individually adjust the lighting colour similar to the new Soft Shell "little dipper" and "baby fish tide".

NEW: Hard Shell Light product: Bright Cube

This light is a result of a collaboration between Gerry Briggs and Mark Tholen: An interior LED light that truly illuminates a space with polychromatic full spectrum solid state lighting technology. The power output is the equivalent of 200 Watts in traditional light measurement. The light replicates the exact wavelength of sunlight and automatically inherits the capacity to positively influence people suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder). The main objective though is the creation of a powerful LED light with the added feature of a unique remote control unit to allow the change of the colour, facilitating unlimited adjustment of the light colour on the Munsell chart with full dimming capacity. The remote works on the principle of touching an internal colour circle with ones finger communicating via infrared. The remote is created without any moving parts for simplicity.

BRIGHT CUBE, Full spectrum solid state lighting









The "Baby Fish Tide" light has been nominated for a Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2010 and has been awarded with the 2010 Green Good Design Award issued by the Chicago Athenaeum.

The "Bright Cube" LED light has received a Design Exchange Award 2009 and has been redesigned with a patent pending sensor technology to adjust the colour temperature.

Lumolar's Soft shell lights "baby fish tide" won "Best of Canada 2008" in the Product Category and won the Ontario Association of Architects industrial design "Award of Excellence - Artifact". Three lights were on display at the Design Exchange, Toronto as part of the Best of Canada display. Lumolar was a sponsor of the BAR AZURE at the IIDEX show 2008 by providing a large cluster of lights above the champagne bar catered by Terroni.


We are able to provide you with any number of lights in various configurations for special events: weddings - celebrations - house stagings - photo or video shoots - commercial displays. Any desired colour and hue change is programmable. Lights can be rented to suit your timeframe. Available in the Greater Toronto Area. Please contact us for a quote: info @ t-yyz.ca