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Prefab House P1

A 10m2 small prefabricated unit equipped with evacuated tubes and movable solar panels that shield the evacuated tubes in the summer to prevent overheating of the system. The simple evacuated tube system is manually controllable and can be combined with geothermal, supplying additional base heat and doubling as a thermal energy storage for the low tech evacuated tube glycol cycle. The unique construction of the building utilizes structural veneer lumber and is fabricated as a two skin construction without major framing. Apart from minor separators and stabilizers between the outer and inner skin, the skin acts as the structure. The insulation is possible to be executed as a continuous element without any thermal bridging typical for framed buildings. A reduction in thermal bridging is a prerequisite for any innovative passive house structure to eliminate heat losses. This 'tiny house' is currently under development in prototype stage. It is estimated be ready for construction in early 2018.


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